What is a Baby?

Posted on Thursday, September 29th, 2011

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I’ve been getting quite a few submissions of babies these last couple days since relaunching this website, but most of them have been over 12 months old.  For the purpose of this website, I am defining a baby as a human child who is currently 12 months old or younger.

I completely agree that your toddler (or even grown child) is adorable, and worthy of being shown to the world as being one of the 100 most beautiful babies, but let me explain my reasoning in defining “baby” the way I do on this website.

First, your child must be your child.  While grandparents might want to submit their grandbabies, I’m asking that they instead show the website to the parents of their grandbabies so that they parents can submit their babies themselves.  Since there are prizes involved, I think it’s only fair to allow the parents to be entered to win the prize rather than the grandparents.

Second, your child must be human.  Sorry, no pets.  This one’s fairly self-explanatory.

Third, your child must be 12 months old or younger.  This one, I must admit, is fairly arbitrary.  I could have chosen 6 months old.  I could have chosen 18 months old, or 2 years old.  So let me explain my reasoning on this point.  Once a child begins to walk, I classify them in my mind as no longer a baby, but a toddler.  But the problem is, babies learn to walk at different times.  According to,

Most children take their first steps between 11 and 14 months, but the normal range for reaching this milestone is very broad. Some kids walk as early as 8 months, others as late as 17 months.

So, arbitrarily, I chose to go with 12 months old.  I think most people would refer to children under 12 months old as babies, even if they are beginning to walk early.

Fourth, your child must be currently 12 months old or younger (i.e. born within the last year).  I’m requiring this because I’m expecting to have prizes which are specifically geared towards babies and parents of babies.  For example, it wouldn’t make much sense to give a parent of a teenager a gift card to Babies ‘R’ Us when their child hasn’t been a baby for over 12 years.  But if everyone entered to win the prize is currently a parent of a baby, then then prizes can be more targeted at babies and parents of babies.

So that’s why I define a baby the way I do for the purpose of this website.  I hope it all makes sense.  If not, feel free to contact me with your question.

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