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Posted on Monday, March 4th, 2013

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Older Baby Photos Now Allowed!

You might like this: I’ve decided to lift the age restriction for baby submissions. While the “one year or under” age restriction I enforced for so long did effectively limit and define who was eligible to be submitted, it also excluded a lot of adorable baby pictures. I enforced this restriction for so long because I originally intended on giving out prizes that were more geared toward parents of babies, but I think the Amazon gift cards I’ve given out in the past have been well-received by everyone. So I’ll stick with those for awhile.

The only restriction that I’m going to enforce is that the photo you submit must be a baby picture. I’m not going to publish pictures of older children, as that would kind of go against the name and purpose of the site: 100 most beautiful BABIES. I realize that this will be kind of subjective, but I think most of us can tell the difference between a baby and a toddler (a child who is able to stand up and walk around). I’ll try to be generous and give photos the benefit of the doubt, but I’ll also reserve the right to reject submissions because the child simply looks too old to be a “baby.”

So if you love your 93 year old “baby” and have an adorable baby photo of them when they were actually a baby, upload him or her to the site! You could win an Amazon gift card! But more than that, it’s just fun to see adorable babies from all around the world, and now from throughout history, all on one site.

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