We Have A LOT of Naughty Babies!

Posted on Monday, January 13th, 2014

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My Naughty Child

I think this is just hilarious. At least 9 babies on this site are described by those who submitted their photos as “naughty.” Just do a search and see for yourself. I bet there are actually quite a few more, because if I remember right, the word “naughty” was often misspelled.

Why do people call their babies naughty? Is this some cultural thing I’m not aware of? I think it’s funny! Where I’m from, being naughty is…well, naughty! It’s disobeying parents, or getting into trouble, or being mischievous.

But maybe there’s another side of what it means to be naughty. Maybe being naughty means that your child can think for themselves. Maybe it means that they’re independent and that they can make their own choices. Of course, as parents, it’s our job to steer them in the right direction, but maybe being naughty while they’re young is an indicator that they’re going to grow up strong and confident.

Or maybe it’s just some silly thing we like to call babies.

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