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Posted on Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

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Thumbs up everybody!

I was recently asked to clarify how the rating system works on this site. I didn’t realize how confusing it can be, especially when you take our Facebook page into consideration.

Simply put, the ratings are calculated exclusively by how many “thumbs up” a baby receives.

One thumb up equals 1 point, and 2 thumbs up equals 2 points. The leaderboard only takes votes cast within the last 6 months into consideration, so it will constantly change based on who has received the most and highest votes within the last 6 months.

Facebook “likes” are not counted as a part of the rating system. That being said, liking your baby on Facebook will increase your baby’s exposure, which will increase how many people come to their page on this site (via Facebook), and this will (theoretically) increase how many “thumbs up” they receive.

Keep in mind that the ratings are just for fun. They aren’t how prizes are awarded. Prizes are awarded by a random drawing of the most recent 100 babies submitted. All of our babies are beautiful, so I just wouldn’t feel right calling one of them the “most” beautiful.

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