Posted on Saturday, August 16th, 2014

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Serena is a beautiful baby!

Serena was born on 8/19/2013 and is presented here by Nina Morgan

Nina Morgan wrote:

Baby’s Favorite Toy(s): blocks

Baby’s Favorite Song(s): she loves all music

Serena is a very happy baby, she lives with her grandparents and Aunt Ashley. Serena loves playing and she really loves books. Serena goes to story hour at the library and loves being around the other kids. This God sent angel has brought so much joy into our lives! Serena has a bubbly personality and as you can see a great big smile! She is sneaky of course dropping food from her high chair for the chihuahua’s then laughing lol!

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  1. m.imran says:

    she is beautiful i want to see more pics plz send me

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