Avnika Asthana

Posted on Saturday, August 30th, 2014

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Avnika Asthana is a beautiful baby!

Avnika Asthana was born on 05/09/20112 and is presented here by Amreesh Asthana

Amreesh Asthana wrote:

Baby’s Favorite Toy(s): Remote Car

Baby’s Favorite Song(s): Lungi Dance (Chennai Express)

She is ready to dance any time,
Amazing dance step done every time.

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  1. AMREESH says:


  2. such a cute baby :* looks so lively

  3. HC ASTHANA says:

    Yes, very true, she is a wondergirl. She is fond of dancing even in the age od just 2 years. We all bless her for the years to come, as she grows. I love Avanika Asthana.

  4. sunil verma says:

    Cutie pie……god bless you Beta

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