Is Your Baby Beautiful?

Posted on Friday, March 10th, 2017

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Is Your Baby Beautiful?

We believe the answer is yes!

God makes every baby beautiful. Every baby is created in the image of God. Every baby reflects God’s beauty in the world.

Just browse around our website and you won’t find an ugly baby. That’s not because we’re selective in the babies we post to this site. We approve every baby photo submitted as long as it doesn’t accidentally break one of the common submission problems. In approving babies for this site, we don’t judge whether or not the baby is beautiful. They all are! This website celebrates that truth.

We do have a “rating” system for users to “rate” babies, but it’s not a “beautiful” vs. “ugly” rating. It’s a simple one or two thumbs up rating. Based on personal preference, visitors can decide whether a baby is beautiful or even more beautiful.

There is no thumbs down.

And actually, as soon as I approve a baby photo to our site, I immediately give the baby two thumbs up. In my opinion, that’s what they all deserve!

In other words, every baby is beautiful. So if you haven’t done so yet, add your baby to this site, and show the world how beautiful your baby is!

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