Back in 2006, my wife and I started 100 Most Beautiful Babies with the goal of creating one of the most beautiful pages on the internet.  We envisioned a website where new parents could show off their adorable babies to the world.  After the first 100 babies were submitted, the homepage was full and we successfully created one of the most beautiful pages imaginable.

After accomplishing our goal, we closed the site to new submissions and largely didn’t think about other possibilities.  But now, years later, we noticed that the site still gets a considerable amount of traffic.  So today, we’re opening the site once again, but this time with a bit more pizazz.

I thought: what good is a baby announcement if others can’t join in the excitement?  So we’ve hooked up the site with a ton of social networking stuff: share & like via facebook, share via twitter, commenting, and giving a thumbs up (or two) to the babies on the site.  And, for the ultra competitive parent in you, we’ve added a leader board (on the right) to see who the most beautiful babies are (according to how many thumbs up they’ve received).

But the new feature I’m probably most excited about arose out of a problem with the domain name.  Since we’re accepting new babies on an ongoing basis now, it’s not limited to just 100 babies.  So we tried to think of a way for the title of the site to still make sense, even though there would be way more than 100 babies on the site.   Our solution: prizes.  You read that right: PRIZES!

Each time 100 new babies are submitted, one of them will be randomly selected and awarded a prize.  The prize will vary based on sponsors and such, so keep an eye on past and upcoming prizes to get an idea of what you and/or your baby could win.

So give your thumbs up to the babies you think are the most beautiful, share the site with your friends on facebook, and comment on these adorable babies. And, of course, we welcome you to add your baby. Because, you know, your baby is certainly one of the 100 most beautiful babies!