Having just opened this website, these are not truly frequently asked questions, but rather questions that I anticipate needing to be answered.  If you have a question not answered below, please contact me.

What can I win?

Prizes will vary based on sponsors.  Keep an eye on past and upcoming prizes to get an idea of the types of prizes awarded. Generally, the prize will be an Amazon gift card.

How do I enter the Prize Drawing?

Add your baby!

Can I enter the Prize Drawing if I do not have a baby?

Yes, as long as you have permission from the parent/guardian to upload the photo of the baby that you are submitting. And if your child isn’t a baby anymore, you can still enter as long as the photo you submit is of your child when he/she was a baby.

How often does the Prize Drawing take place?

A Prize Drawing will take place each time 100 new babies are submitted to the website.  The Prize will be randomly awarded to one of these 100 submissions.

What do you consider a baby?

That’s a tough question. I used to make a strict rule that a baby (for the purpose of this website) was defined as a child under 12 months old, but I’ve since lifted that restriction. So it’s harder to define what counts as a baby now.

In a sense, our children will always be our babies. But I’m never going to approve a photo of an elderly woman onto this site. When I say “baby,” I mean a newborn, or at least a very young child. Not a toddler. But it’s fairly ambiguous when a baby becomes a toddler. Obviously, older children who can run around and communicate fluently are not babies, but where should I draw the line?

So I reserve the right to reject entries because the photo doesn’t appear to be a baby. But I’ll be as generous as I can in approving submissions. As long as the child looks like a baby to me, I’ll approve it.

Can I submit my baby more than once?

Yes!  But not within the same Prize Drawing round.  This would give you an unfair advantage in winning the Prize Drawing.  You may, however, submit your baby again in the next Prize Drawing, as long as you submit a different photo of your baby.

Can I submit a baby picture of my child if they if they are no longer a baby?

Yes! Just submit a photo of your child when they were a baby, and that counts!